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Youth Volunteers Want to Help Refugees in Serbia

Association „People’s Parliament“ stared a crowdfunding  campaign via GlobalGiving non-profit. Please read more below and on GlobalGiving website dedicated project page: Youth Volunteers Want to Help Refugees in Serbia. Help us raise at least 5.000 USD from at least 40 different donors by March 31st so this project can become a reality.



The action is to address humanitarian and other issues, such as legal, faced by thousands of refugees and migrants currently stranded in Serbia and living out of official centers, with little or no help from anyone. Dozens of local youth-serving organizations and volunteers will be motivated and helped to continue or start working for the benefit of refugees and migrants. Organizations and volunteers will deliver five youth-driven pilot projects serving various needs of these people in need of our help.


There is thousands of refugees and migrants stranded in Serbia and significant percentage, thousands, is „out of the system“, meaning they are staying out of official camps, many just staying in the streets or grouping together in abandoned factories and warehouses. Serbian government issued open letters calling on NGOs and volunteers to stop providing help to the refugees and migrants who are out of official centers, but despite this many NGOs and volunteers are helping or at least trying.


This project obviously can’t solve the cause of the problem. However, what this project can do is to give tools and resources to youth workers and volunteers already helping or wishing to start helping refugees and migrants who are out of official camps. Why? Because this people aren’t getting help they need and because we believe Government to be wrong in denying help to anyone out of official centers. Especially since there is a lot of things wrong with the centers, including not enough room.

Long-Term Impact

Long-term, NGOs and volunteers based local support structure for refugees and migrants will become more stronger and numerous. At the same time, current problem where there is now thousands of people in the open, struggling with even basic needs, ignored by the Government, to be at least considerably alleviated. Either by many of them going „into the system“ or many of them just integrating locally or just gather strength to go on with migration via more for formal and legal channels.