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Call for participants from Serbia – YE: What’s my age again?


CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS FROM SERBIA – Youth exchange: What’s my age again?, February 6-14. 2017. Celje, Slovenia

             Are you:

  • A young person aged 18-30;
  • Coming from Serbia, FYROM, Slovenia, Poland, Greece or Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Willing to explore and question ageism in todays society;
  • Comfortable on the Internet, actively using social networks, following online trends;
  • Willing to learn and work in international teams?

        If you answered YES, this is a call for you. Keep reading :)










What is a youth exchange?

Youth exchanges allow groups of young people from different countries to meet, live together and work on shared projects for short periods. On a youth exchange, you can expect to participate in activities such as workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, outdoor activities and more.

This youth exchange will take place in Celje, Slovenia, between 6th and 14th of February 2017. and will gather a group of 30 young people (5 from each country).

What will we do?

During the youth exchange, we will talk about how we treat people of different age groups in todays society, think about how these age defined roles affect our lives on daily basis and try to measure just how much we are (un)aware of these roles.

We will try to think about Ageism is modern society (Ageism is discrimination or unfair treatment based on a person’s age), how it can impact someone’s confidence, job prospects, financial situation, quality of life…

You will have the opportunity to learn about social media campaigns, and we will try to use this tool to start talking about age issues online.

We will (as an international team) launch a social media campaign on this topic, create posts and contents, and keep the campaign going for the next few months.

I was a part of international team that implemented a European level social media campaign, how cool would that sound in your CV? :)

Profile of the participants:

Young people (18-30) from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Slovenia, FYROM and Greece, actively using social media and interested to learn more about social media campaigns and try implementing them. You will have special tasks on your campaigns in few months after the youth exchange, so if you are not willing to have this kind of responsibility, please don’t apply.

For us, it is important to be proactive, motivated, playful and willing to raise questions, wonder and look for answers with us :) English language knowledge is necessary.

Where and how? Can I afford it?

Good news, participation on youth exchange is free. Accommodation, food and working materials will be provided by the organizers. Travel costs will be reimbursed for all the original return tickets. All you need is a passport and motivation :)

For more logistical info, please keep reading.

The youth exchange What’s my age again? is going to be organized in Celjski Mladinski Centar Hostel in Celje, Slovenia. MCC HOSTEL is positioned in the historical center of the town of Celje, in the walking distance from the Central Train and Bus Station.

Accommodation will also be provided in this Hostel, in multiple-bed rooms which all are well-equipped and with wireless Internet. Meals and coffee breaks will also be provided in or near the Hostel. If you have any special needs when food is concerned (vegetarian, vegan, allergies etc.) please let us know in the application form.

Regarding travel costs, maximum amount for reimbursement (according to the EACEA distance calculator) per participant is:

  • For participants from Poland – 170€
  • For participants from FYROM – 170€
  • For participants from Greece – 170€
  • For participants from BiH – 80€
  • For participants from Slovenia – 170€
  • For participants from Serbia – 170€

Travel costs will be reimbursed to all participants who actively participate in the youth exchange.

I’ve decided, I want to be a part of this. How to apply?

Please download the official application form, fill it and send it to the email address stated in the form.

You will be notified about any further steps (possible skype or in person interviews, preparation etc.).

Good luck :)


Project “Break the myth – spread the word” is implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union